Monday, August 23, 2010

Even if a little bit late...

On 10th (Maya) and 12th (Dharma) August they blew out their first candle!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Swede in Paris

Paris plage, let's go for a swim... or not.

Notre Dame de Paris

A Swede in Normandy... Viking invasion, again.

Dharma and Etoile, my mum's cat. Please don't look at the mess behind...

It's kinda windy here!

Mmmh, I don't think that I'm gonna go for a swim this time...

Hey! It's cold in here! Only 18°C when I was used to 34°C in Milan, are you kidding me?
Home made pillows! I (Lucie) made the yellow one and my mum the red cow and the pig :-D

Etoile stretching on a home made patchwork.
Yaaawn, life is sooo tiring.

Yeah, I'm a cool cat. Buddha mode "on".
Sunset from the bathroom window.

Hey! I've found a new friend!
You're not very talkative, are ya?

We saw a wandering white cat on the beach!


Colleville Montgomery Beach