Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cell phone pictures

Here are pictures taken with the phone!

Here, policemen drive Lamborghini and ride on 60 year-old bikes...
Actually, there are only 3 Lamborghini in the whole Italy, this one was only showed during an exhibition, and I bet that they probably never ever use it not to damage it... They prefer using good old rusty bikes! (Not even mountain bikes, it's much too expensive...)

Pictures taken when Dharma was groomed a few weeks ago :-)

Dharma in her rucksack, on the train :-) (Taken last saturday)

Several funny sparrows begging for some crumbs of bread while we were eating a piadina with mozzarella, aubergines and courgettes (or eggplant and zucchini if you speak US English) :-D
Later on, in the park, it was sunny and hot (20°C)

Castello Sforzesco : you can see so many cats there, seeing them on a picture like this is quite cute, but when you know that the city does not care at all about them, that they catch any sickness and are not cured at all, that they are fed by volunteers, that no one sterilizes them and that every spring you can see dozens of kitten, it dampens one's enthusiasm...

Last but not least: spring!

Baby horse chestnut leaves!
Baby horse chestnut bud... If no one ever squashes it (quite unlikely) it would someday become a huge tree!
A horse chestnut germ :-)
Baby gingko leaves!! They're so cute :-D Sorry, it's a but blurred but I took it with the cell phone and it does not have the macroscopic function. :-(

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's play!

I'm a Romantic Poodle.
During the obedience class.
Ooops, my sweater is becoming a little bit short!

"I love my rat!"
Oh no! Maya is trying to steal the rat!

Maya ligger på en mjuk matta.
Maya dreaming about catching Dharma's rat : "I've played enough for today, let's have a little rest, I'll try to get this bloody mouse tomorrow".

Puss och kram från Dharma & Maya!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pannkakor timme

På Måndag jag äter pannkakor med lönnsirap och nutella.

Zzzzzzzzz.... Dharma ser trött ut efter äter.....
....I'm joking, she did not eat them of course (and neither did Maya), but WE did and we did enjoy them, indeed!!! ;-D