Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dharma in Wonderland

Dharma in Wonderland, among mushrooms

Friday, November 20, 2009

My beautiful socks...

On Sunday 22th November, Dharma weights 1,3 kg!

On Friday, I met an old lady who gave me a bunch of flowers!

Later on, they put me these stupid socks on, saying that it's to get me used to snow-shoes and not to hurt my paws on the ice, but I think that I looked very ridiculous like this... I tried to take them off at the begining and felt a little bit awkward, but then I got used to them.

Here is a small video of Dharma, half asleep, wearing her socks...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Socialization at the Geriatric Hospital

In the last days, it's been quite foggy, as if the sun had gone forever, hopefully not! Tomorrow should be more sunny, well, we'll see...
Not very far away from our flat, there is a very large geriatric hospital, so yesterday we had a walk right up to there. Before the main entrance door, you can find a small covered courtyard with benches where patients and the hospital staff can sit and have a little chat.

We met there a very old one-legged lady, about eighty years old, sitting in a wheelchair, accompanied with a young woman. Once they saw Dharma walking clumsily on the lead, they giggled and smiled. Dharma was very quiet and sweet, the young woman took her on her lap, and Dharma kissed her on the nose, then when on the floor again, she sniffed at the wheel chair and at the old woman foot, never being abrupt.
Then arrived a young nurse who jumped on Dharma, took her in her arms, kissed her, hugged her calling her "amore, amore!", quite a funny scene, reminding me Tiny Toons' Elmyra... Oo
After a few minutes, a bunch of people had gathered around us, screaming and laughing enthusiastically :-D
If you don't know Elmyra, here she is:

We remained there about half an hour and then went back home, I did not dare taking any picture, not to bother people and not to be intrusive, it was a very nice and sweet moment and the very old lady laughed all the time Dharma was around.

Today we went to a tiny parc and took several pictures:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A soft toy among soft toys

On 16th november, Dharma is 3 months and 4 days old, weights 1100 gramms and is about 18 cm height and 19cm from shoulder to the end of the back. She eats with relish, plays a lot, and runs like the devil, even if after only 15 minutes she is already tired and goes on her own to her bed to have a nap!

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A family portrait

A little bath

I'm falling asleep! This bath tired me so much!

Parc of Quarries - A foggy day

I met a 2 year old toddler and her mummy, I wanted so much to play with her but she was a little bit shy (and was also much more interested in ducks)!

There were also ducks and geese, what funny animals! They told me that Poodle used to catch ducks, but I would rather have played with them and had a little swim!

Hi! That's me in front of the lake!

I'm learning to walk to heel!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parco di Trenno

Today afternoon, we took the (crowded) bus to go to another parc, a little bit closer than Parc of Quarries, this one is called "Parco di Trenno". Little Dharma walked on the leash both on the footpath along the passing cars/trucks and in the parc, she walks every day a little bit better, she seemed that she was born to do obedience :-)
She also walked without a leash, on the grass, always beside or a little bit behind us, and never surpassing us :-)
Seeing people running or on bicycles, she reacted very well, looking at them, but never running towards them! That's a real progress, since only 2 days ago she was attracted to any moving thing or people. :-)

While we were sitting, taking our daily sunbath (!), a couple of two old people, around 70 years old, came closer, and asked about her, where we got her, and so on. Unfortunately when they heard the word "Sweden", they said that it was a little bit too far away, but they remained seduced by Dharma and her so sweet temperament.

A step forward also concerning the separation, she remained 3 hours all alone this morning and when we came back she was completely silent and quiet.

A small video when I'm calling Dharma :-D, actually I took it yesterday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Parco delle cave

Hi folks!

Today I met a very friendly and huge animal, it's called a "horse", I think.

I was a bit intimidated at the beginning, but then we became friends!

I have also met a class of 6 year old children, very cute! Some of them stroked me, and I gave them so many kisses! Afterwards, I also met another friend, called "Thor", but I think that he took me for a squirrel...

My rat was there too! See ya pals!